History of Starting the Lecht

The idea to develop the area was started by James McIntosh, teaming up with Pieter du Pon during their combined time in the Fleet Air Arm and a plan was hatched to develop the Lecht.  The only thing at the Lecht before 1977 was a layby for 3 cars at the cattle grid.  the ability to attract and hold snow was turned into the adventure that is now the Lecht.  The company was formed in December 1977 along with Ronnie Winram and Professor Jim Petrie.

The Lecht has always expanded on a modular basis, reinvesting all the generated funds and now has a car park with a capacity for over 800 cars and uplift capcity of over 10,000 skiers per hour.  A new building was built in 2004 which houses all the facilities under one roof.  in the summer there is mountain biking and deval kart activites.

The Lass O' The Lecht

we all know that the weather at the Lecht can change in the blink of an eye and in Februarty 1860 the dramatic change in the weather saw tragic 19 year old Margaret Cruickshank perish in the hills of the Lecht.


Margaret was in domestic service at the Milton of Allargue in Corgaff, where she spent her free day with her former employers at Auchriachan near Tomintoul.  She was accompanied by young McHardy the son of the house for a couple of miles.  When Margaret left for the remainder of her journey alone the weather was fine and so across the Lecht and over the Ladder hills she set.  As she was crossing the Lecht the weather dramatically changed and a violent blizzard got up, which saw Mararet get disorientated and lost.  She followed a burn that she thought would lead her to safety when in fact it wasn't the burn she thought it was and it led her deeper into the hills.  When Maragaret failed to return to the Milton of Allargue her employers raised the alarm "and to the hills at once did go, five hundred men next morning" Eventually the search for Margaret was called off and in May when all the snow had thawed a shepherd boy called Luke Grant discovered her body in Strathdon on the banks of the River Earnan.

Her body lies at Corgarff churchyard and a cairn  erected that stands as a reminder of the bravery of ordinary inhabitants of Strathdon who joined in the rescue attempt.